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Pastel de Nata is the perfect food to go

Antonio Carmona e Costa

The pastries takeaway market in the UK is showing a significant business potential. The UK bakery market is valued at £5 billion, and the takeaway market has been growing rapidly since the covid-19 pandemic. Currently, the pastries takeaway market in the UK is still a niche segment, but it has become a lifeline for high street and craft bakers.

This has been helped by changing of attitudes, especially by Millennials and Gen Z consumers. Research has indicated that around 60% of 16-34 year olds have ordered a takeaway dessert. Other studies suggests bakeries could boost their sales with click-and-collect or local deliveries. But if proof was needed about the trend, look at the success of the so called Britain’s favourite baker.

There are a number of factors driving the growth of the pastries takeaway market in the UK. One is the increasing flurry of people's lives. People are more likely to be on the go, so they are looking for convenient and affordable food options. They seek grab-and-go options for breakfast, snacks, and even casual meals.

Pastries are a popular choice because they are quick and easy to eat, and they are available in a variety of flavours to suit different palates.  Bakeries are well-positioned to capitalize on this growth of the takeaway market. Three of the main factors are location, location, location. Choosing the right spot, whether in high-footfall urban areas, near office complexes, or close to tourist attractions, can significantly impact the success of a takeaway business. But it also means that the shop will best placed to capitalise from an online delivery and collection service.  Promoting the pastries takeaway service is imperative, either through social media and other marketing channels. And, as pastries are often popular choices for events, parties, and special occasions, collaborating with event planners or offering catering services can open up additional revenue streams. Seasonal flavours or limited-time offers can create additional excitement and urgency, encouraging repeat business and attracting new clients. It’s also essential to make it easy for customers to order and pay for their pastries, as it’s likely they’re on a rush.

Alongside quality, shops need to draw customers. In the current cost of living crisis, everyone is looking for ways to cut their outgoings. Offering competitive prices and options to save by ordering online or rewarding loyal customers are some alternatives.  But crucial to all this is to make sure pastries are fresh and of high quality and to offer a wide range to suit all tastes and dietary needs. Choosing tried and trusted suppliers is essential to a successful enterprise. This is what Maria Nata is all about, helping partners to grow and develop their businesses.

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