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The Pastel de Nata, or Portuguese custard tart, is one of the most popular cakes in the world. Its origin goes back to monasteries in 16th century Portugal.

Portuguese people drink coffee for pleasure, but also as an excuse to meet friends and socialize. Portuguese usually prefer to drink espresso (BICA) when they are not at home. Espresso is so important to us that we also spell it as a Portuguese word:

it is written “EXPRESSO” instead of ESPRESSO!


Made Fresh Every Day!

Portuguese custard tarts made from the best ingredients following the finest Portuguese recipes.

Delta – Number one

Coffee brand in Portugal Longer flavour and fresh aromas

Delta POD is a unique combination of blends of coffees from the most diverse origins. Conserved in a capsule which preserves all the flavour and aroma of the coffee and prepared in a line of sophisticated and elegant coffee-machines. It was conceived to satisfy all those who like to enjoy the world’s best coffees.

About Us

It wasn’t easy but we cracked it! We found the way for you to devour a proper Nata! Maria Nata cart was designed to champion the authentic way to enjoy a Nata – warm and crunchy. Following the finest recipes our Natas are close to perfection

Experienced Team

Antonio and his team have been involved in the food industry for more than a decade inspired by a Portuguese food passion. Prior to set up Maria Nata company Antonio was involved in many food businesses ranging from Portuguese food tour experiences to promoting Portuguese food across Europe. In his last role he worked for a Portuguese food distribution company as business development manager.

Antonio is a co-founder of Nata Festival.

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Pastel De Nata

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Raw or pre-coked our Portuguese custard tarts are made from the best ingredients following the finest Portuguese recipes.

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